Love & Water – Part Two

Tilt the table ever so slightly, and watch the water on it move. It will flow to where it can flow no more, always finding its level. It flows until it is blocked. It waits for something to happen, anything that will allow it to flow again. Always patiently ready to go further, it needs no rest. It waits to go beyond its present limits, to new areas, new places. To soften what is hard. To sustain the parched. To bring wet to what is dry. (from Part One on September 12)

Part Two –

Love, like water, is there, ready to move to a new level, to find a new place in our soul. It seeks the dry and parched. It searches for what may seem lifeless but is ready and waiting to awaken. Love is ready. Love is always ready.

It homes-in on what appears dull and battered, and in the face of the joy and freedom that love brings, it allows our scars to be.

The scars transform to medals of honour. Just as water wears down the sharp edges of a rock, love wears down the pain of our hurt.

Pain is the outcome of force. Love can neither force nor be forced. It can only be given away — it alone grows when it is given away. The more we give, the more we have.

Memories of life’s struggles; remembrance of failure and of success; weariness from endless demands. These are the soil from which wisdom grows. Only those who have suffered have something to say, something worth listening to.

Love is life. What then, is death?

Death is like the evaporation of water. Evaporation is not destruction, it is only a change of form — but to us, it is gone.

Death is the rain that returns to God the Source. God is the ocean; the final end that welcomes each raindrop as it falls, and embraces it at the first touch.

…and there is no distinction between what it was and what it is — all is One.

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