Into Your Hands

Into Your Hands

Into Your hands…

As our Lent journey comes to an end, we enter into the Glorious Mystery of the Resurrection. Before the grace of the resurrection can be poured into our hearts we have to pause before the cross and embrace the bruised and battered body of our Savior.

Jesus spoke to us from the cross leaving us with powerful words to ponder.
Into your hands I commend my spirit.” (Luke 23:46)
Jesus speaks about the ultimate surrender into love and trust. All is stripped away and we stand naked and vulnerable before our God. Our worldly possessions, relationships and choices we made with our free will are now placed into the loving arms of God our Father and Creator.

Jesus’ words are speaking loud and clear in our present dire situation.
“Into your hands I commend my family and community.”
There is nowhere else to find shelter in this storm. I cannot protect my family and community from this plague. I can only do my part and place all those I love under the umbrella of grace offered by God.

As I reflect further, our free will choices have left our world and earth bruised and battered as well.
“Into your hands I commend the world and earth.”
I pray this time of solitude and compassionate caring will bring us back into a balanced life. This pandemic offers us an opportunity to be in solidarity. As we travel on our road to Emmaus, we are reminded, “Peace to you! It is I, do not be afraid.” (Luke 24:36)

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