Conversations with God – The Narrow Way

Conversations with God – The Narrow Way

Conversations with God – The narrow way

This morning Lord I see that more of my thoughts are going to imaginations than prayers.  Lord I don’t want to live in a make believe world … it occurs to me that this is the devil’s counterfeit for faith in the spiritual realm.  He knows we are made to live by faith in the unseen so he offers alternatives that are easy and makes no demands upon us.  It also occurs to me that he offers various options.

We could try to ignore everything but the natural world – the materialists.

We could chase knowledge of every kind getting lost in a world of ideas – the philosopher.

We could focus on the beauty of creation and attach spiritual meaning to it – the naturalist.

We could allow the imagination to create alternative realities that put us at the center – the narcissists.

We could be focused on the gratification of bodily desires – the carnal person.

We could deny the spirit realm but acknowledge the good in loving others – secular humanist.

Instead of all that, we could enter the biblical paradigm and allow the life of Jesus to repeat itself in our lives (in a way that is ordained for us) following the Holy Spirit every step of the way – the disciple who seeks the narrow way.

It is only in this last option that I find lasting peace Lord.

It is hard for me to get too invested in the natural world and its future when I know that I am just passing through and that others are passing through as well.

It is hard for me to embrace knowledge and the wisdom of man when I know that the wisdom of man is foolishness to God (1Cor 3:19).

Lord why am I thinking along these lines now?

Jesus speaks to my heart

“You are constantly struggling to find the narrow way because you have opened yourselves to all these paths at various times.  The narrow way is not natural to you and requires effort.  It is why I said that it is narrow and few find it.  But you have been called to the narrow way and you will find your way in it.  Your enemy will attempt to distract you with the alternatives but you will not follow his way.”

Jesus speaks in my heart about some of his Miracles

“Zacchaeus had learned that wealth does not make one happy, and that the human heart was made for love. Secretly he was hoping that I (Jesus) would call him out, and that he would find out that it was not too late for him. I saw this and eagerly saved him for the sake of all that is good.”

“The officer’s heart was moved by his servants suffering.  The officer did all he could to help his servant and then put his hope on me. The officer was already following me but did not yet understand. Because of his compassion and faith I healed his servant.”

“The woman who bled for 12 years saw in me (Jesus) a chance for a new life. Her condition caused her to pray often, and she had come to know how dependent she was on me. Because of her many prayers she had great faith. By faith she touched the very door of heaven.”

“Jairus’s daughter was a wonderful opportunity to show the heart of the Father for his people. I knew what was to happen when Jairus put his faith in me despite the fact that she had died. It was such a joy for me to raise her up and restore her to her parents.”

Lord are you really speaking to me or is this the desire of my heart wishfully thinking?

“Yes you are hearing me, and, yes it is the desire of your heart – that I planted so many years ago. Do not doubt what I have told you.  Study all that I have said so that it will becomes rooted in your heart and mind.”

Yes Lord!

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