Encountering God in the Autumn Season

Encountering God in the Autumn Season


Autumn arrives with abundance – abundance that touches all our senses. We see the colorful leaves as they crunch and crumble; the delicious smell of fruit and vegetables as they are converted into stews and desserts as well as the sound of geese preparing for flight. Yes, the Lord has prepared a feast of plenty and we are invited to the table.

Autumn also arrives with a sense of urgency as many of the fruit and vegetables have to be harvested at the same time. The changing weather can bring unexpected situations and autumn is a time of saying goodbye to summer and accepting the cold and darkness of winter.

Autumn signals new beginning. School begins again, as well as new programs. The busyness can be overwhelming but it is important to….

STOP – LOOK AROUND…Can you feel Me? – the cool, crisp breeze that caresses your cheeks, the sound of the chatty squirrel scolding you. That’s Me! In the quiet calm space, Breath in – Breath out. All that I require of you is to know that I am here with you, inside you, surrounding you, loving you. STOP – ENJOY!

In gratitude Lord, I thank you for this autumn feast. Thank you for autumn’s farewell and winter’s rest and renewal. Thank you for the abundance that You lay before me. Thank you for showing me Y

our face in this autumn season.

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