I Am

I Am


My 22nd wedding anniversary is coming up.  We mark our time typically in the calendar year and rely on the anticipation and enjoyment of special events, special seasons and of course, anniversaries.  Some of these anniversaries can be positive but some can be a reminder of sorrow or loss as well.  I recently read that our physical bodies can ‘remember’ anniversaries even if we are not consciously aware.  As we come up to the one year anniversary of the covid response, we may be feeling overly worn out, anxious, and overcome.

We travel through life not knowing what the future may bring.  I can plan and sometimes those come to fruition, but the older I get the more I see that God’s plan is, and always has been, THE plan.  Jesus is accompanying us throughout our days, our weeks, our years and beyond.  Jesus knows our ‘anniversaries’ of what has been.

He walks beside us through the highs and lows of life: the celebrations (peaks) and the times of sorrow or despair (valleys).  Technically, we only have the present.  God has told us that He is the great “I AM” (Exodus 3:14).  Not I was.  Not I will be.  He is here.  Now.  Beside us.  Let God sit with you in your own valley if that is where you are.  Let him rejoice with you on the peaks.  Can you feel Him now?

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