Marriage FAQ and Information

Marriage FAQ and Information

When it comes to getting married in the Catholic Church, it may seem confusing or you might be unsure of some of the things you can and cannot do. Below are some answers to some commonly asked questions. If you have any other questions or would like further explanation to any of these questions, please call the church office and we will gladly answer all questions you may have.


Can Catholics marry Non-Catholics?
Yes! Ordinarily in this case we would not celebrate Mass because both would not   receive communion. A wedding without Mass is equally dignified as a wedding with Mass.


My spouse and I were married in a civil ceremony. Can we get our marriage blessed in the Catholic Church?
Yes, provided one of the spouses is a baptized Catholic, the church is happy to bless your marriage in a ceremony called a “Convalidation”. Couples generally go through some sort of marriage preparation before the ceremony.


Our wedding will be very small. I am worried the church will feel big and empty.
For very small weddings the chapel can be used and may feel more intimate. It is a beautiful space and ideal for small        gatherings.

Can we get married outdoors?
A wedding is a sacred event and is celebrated in a sacred place. Because of this understanding, weddings witnessed by a Catholic priest or deacon take place in a Catholic church.


Please call the church office and we will gladly answer all questions you may have (780-532-2351).

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