New Reality

New Reality

New Reality

The days of autumn have slipped into an early winter. Thanksgiving celebrations are over and Christmas events loom but still sit in limbo. The pandemic news remains with us and world events continue to focus on discord and disconnection. This “new reality” is something we have to face and it is not going away. I first heard those words when my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer; that was all the doctor could offer as we faced the future.

The secret to embracing change is to focus our energy into not fighting the old but to look at change as an opportunity to build something new. Entering change invites us to review priorities in your life. My dad took time to look after his secular concerns then focused on his spiritual journey. My dad’s “new reality” gave me an opportunity to journey with him and to reflect on my own spiritual journey.

This pandemic pause time is placing me in a new reality. I need to revisit my secular priorities but more importantly I need to examine my relationship with God. I have been reading Henri Nouwen’s book The Dance of Life and he asks three relevant questions… (p. 159)

How am I letting myself be found by God?

How am I letting myself be known by God?

How am I letting myself be loved by God?

The answers are in the deep searching; the deep inner space that exists in all of us. As my new reality unfolds, I am paying more attention to my thoughts (are my thoughts leading me to God?) I am paying more attention to my words (are my words necessary, kind and the truth?) I am paying more attention to how God is showing me love so I can show love to others.

Temptations and struggles will remain but embracing “a new reality” will be an opportunity to move forward.

Psalm 31 – “I trust in you, O Lord. My times are in your hands.”

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