New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolution

A new year … time for renewal.
What is God calling me to do at this time?
Do I look at what others are doing and compare myself to that?  or
Do I look at what God has blessed me with and what I can do with it?

Sometimes as we age, our body takes on a mind of its own. It can frustrate and even discourage us, especially during the colder days of January.  We want to smile and move along anyways – ‘be happy’ the song says.

So we lift a leg to take a more vigorous step in the dance of life and the arthritis kicks in and says Whoa! No way!  With a bit of complaining, I might wish for another body; for things to be different.  Or does it give me an opportunity to take a closer look at what God has blessed me with.

O.K., so my ‘rock and roll’ dance days might be over but I can still ‘slow shuffle’ with the best of them! I can tap my foot to the music, and clap my hands or sing to the song.

I must take time to unwrap another layer of the great gift Our God has given me: a good life. And as I continue to uncover layer after layer I see all I can do with God’s grace.
I can pray for the needs of an aching world
I can serve in any way I am able
I can sing for joy (to the music)

Each new layer helps me to realize what a great blessing I have been given. Growing older has become a promise of all that is truly good in life, rather than a fear of what I have lost or what I don’t have.  I do have everything I need.

My new year’s resolution:   ‘Be Happy’ in the Lord!


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