Simplicity: Having nothing yet possessing all things

Simplicity: Having nothing yet possessing all things

Simplicity: Having nothing yet possessing all things

(Matt 7:25-34)  Dependence on God.

Today I pray for the grace of holy simplicity so that I may enjoy the simple things and depend only on You.

Simplicity is not poverty.  It is living in joy.  It is celebrating life.  Simple living is hard work.  For example, I almost always rely on material gifts to show my affection or appreciation of someone.  I can learn from my youngest granddaughter who loves to ‘make’ presents for her friends.  She tried to make me a bird house but I insulted her by telling her it looked more like a bench.  Simplicity would have been to love it because it came from her hands.  I do not know how to live simply, how to appreciate simplicity in people and their actions.  I always think it needs to be complex to be of value.  Yet, I see simplicity and love it in:

  • nature, trees that know how to bow and dance for the Lord
  • flowers that bloom in colors more resplendent than any jewel
  • the smile of a loved one for no reason at all
  • sitting in an outside rocker in companionship with a loved one
  • preparing a favorite meal with my favorite sous-chef, my husband
  • chatting with a grandchild about nothing . . . and everything
  • a massage of the scalp
  • a clean house on Sunday morning
  • preparing the house for a holiday (with my daughter)
  • baking with all the girls last Christmas, in our home-made aprons
  • praying and writing and singing
  • the sun’s warmth on my face
  • resting outside in late afternoon with a gentle breeze, and the sound of children playing and laughing

All of these things, my Lord, have made me enjoy life.  They cost nothing and were just there for joy.  I need to see these “gems” of joy that You pop all over the place for my enjoyment because You love me.  I have even gotten to appreciate the times that have no joy in them because of how You help me to walk through them, so that I can re-discover joy beyond these sad times.  That also is a gift!

Like the big, beautiful trees in my backyard and the one outside my prayer window, I bow to You great Joy of my life.  You give me a world of simple things that bring greatest joy.  My heart is filled to bursting with gratitude; burning with desire to give back to You, all that I have, all that You have given me.  That I should do Your will and hope to receive Your grace.  That will be ‘holy simplicity’, and all that I need.

I pray for Your blessing on all I do today!

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