Some Thoughts on Baptism

Some Thoughts on Baptism

Make the time of preparation for your child’s baptism a spiritual one, a strengthening of your faith, a refresher for your own relationship with the Lord and to be greater witnesses in the world.  The baptism of your child will certainly bring about great graces in your child(ren), however, the lasting and mature fruits can only be experienced if the Christian faith is genuinely practiced and shared in your family.

At the beginning of the baptismal rite the Priest asks this question: “What do you ask of God’s Church for N ……?” and you answer: “BAPTISM”. Then, the celebrant continues to remind you of your important responsibilities as Christian parents in these or similar words:

“You have asked to have your children baptized.  In doing so you are accepting the responsibility of training them in the practice of the faith.  It will be your duty to bring them up to keep God’s commandments as Christ taught us, by loving God and our neighbour. Do you clearly understand what you are undertaking?”

It is so easy to routinely say; “Yes” but this “Yes” should be a real commitment to practice your faith, and at the same time trust in the Lord’s help and his Church.

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