The Savior Beckons

The Savior Beckons

The Savior Beckons
I have a  plaque on the wall which says “Home is where our story begins.” At this time of year while meditating on the Christmas story I am always amazed that Jesus came to be born in a humble stall. In the words of Thomas Merton  “The Advent Mystery is a mystery of emptiness, of poverty, of limitation. It must be so. Otherwise it could not be a Mystery of Hope.” [1]   Last year while meditating on the scene I wrote this simple poem called ‘The Saviour Beckons’.

“Come to My manger, Come and see,
My mother Mary is holding me.

The beast of burden, a donkey nearby
heard her soft voice , her “birthing cry”.

She smiles in the night, as she hears angel voices
her heart is light, as it clearly rejoices !

She takes my wee hand;  she cannot know
that a nail will pierce it on earth here below.

The Father’s plan; sorrow and pain
and yet for tonight there’s no one to blame!

Joseph is here; three kings on their way
will you step inside, beside me to stay?

Come now, run in; full of thanksgiving
there’s love in my heart, it’s steadfast and brimming,
bring today’s problems, and all of your cares,
just look heavenward, and never despair

The Prince of Peace , that is my name
when you trust in Me, you’re never the same!

Pope Francis reminds me [2]  that the best way for me to discern if my prayer is authentic is to judge to what extent my life is being transformed in the light of Mercy. Please give me the heart of Mary who cries tears for a wounded world. Lord, please help me examine how I am bringing Peace into the world this Christmas.

[1]Living With Christ  – Monday Dec. 3rd
[2] Living With Christ – Tuesday Dec. 11th

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