Time to Pause

Time to Pause

Time To Pause

As we continue to journey in our current situation, the future seems to be a fog-filled space. Returning to the “way things were” is becoming more unlikely with each passing day. Plans are suspended as we are left dangling with the question of what will come next.

During this time to pause, where even the Earth seems to be reorganizing herself (maybe that is why we have so much wind!), I can hear a collective sigh and a deep breath as we cope and move slowly into the haze.

…..I am hearing how parents and teachers have coped with home schooling responsibilities.

…..I am listening to people share how they have de-cluttered and finished long awaited projects.

…..I have witnessed many people reaching out to others in significant acts of kindness.

Barbara Holmes, a spiritual teacher shares, “We are seekers of light and life, bearers of shadows and burdens. We are learning to embrace the unfathomable darkness where God dwells with enthusiasm that equals our love of light.”

Yes, we are in an “unfathomable darkness” with many issues, wounds and anger surfacing. We are called to face some ugly unresolved situations in society as we search for love and light. God walks with us in the darkness, pausing to dress wounds and offer words of comfort.

Take this time to search your issues, wounds, anger and unresolved situations. As they come to the surface, allow God to do what God does best…to love you with compassion and mercy.

Take this time to pause and to “allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love”.  (St. Teresa of Avila)

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