Waiting-Wrapped in God’s Love

Waiting-Wrapped in God’s Love

Waiting – Wrapped in God’s Love

The newest COVID restrictions have once again placed us in waiting mode. “To wait” implies being in a place of expectation.  As the world situation continues to unfold, we watch as refuges wait in places of violence.  COVID patients wait for help, surgery patients wait for openings, families wait for employment opportunities, cancer patients wait for test results, palliative-care patients wait for death and in solidarity we wait in hopeful expectation with our brothers and sisters.

How do I “wait” in the circumstances of my life? I turn to Mary as my example of waiting in God’s love.

How did Mary wait, in the midst of a violent occupied land, waiting for the Messiah?  Mary waited in hope.

How did Mary wait with Elizabeth during their pregnancies?  They waited in a prayerful community.

How did Mary wait with Jesus at the wedding Feast at Cana?  Mary waited in compassion for others.

How did Mary wait in Jerusalem for the lost Jesus?  Mary waited in faith.

How did Mary wait at the foot of the cross?  Mary waited in trust in God’s promise of the Resurrection.

As we are once again thrust into the throngs of our messy world, can you sense the invitation to wait in God’s steadfast love and look for opportunities to walk in solidarity with your brothers and sisters?  Can you walk with positive expectation believing “all will be well’?  Mary walked in hope, community, compassion, faith and trust.  What a beautiful example for us!

Psalm 85 …”Steadfast love and faithfulness will meet; righteousness and peace will kiss each other.”  May you be blessed with this grace, wrapped in God’s love, during the present circumstances of your life.

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