God’s Replenishing Reign (Rain)

God’s Replenishing Reign (Rain)


While carrying rain water back and forth to my flower beds this morning, giving them the precious liquid they are in such need of, I began to imagine the hearts of these flowers.
What gratitude they had for the moisture they were receiving to dissolve the nutrients already provided in the soil to nourish them to become the lovely flowers they were created to be…….their true self.  I felt a joy that I could be of service.
This question arose within me, Isn’t this how my God nourishes me , a flower planted in St. Joseph’s community? Shouldn’t I be so grateful for the good earth provided by God and our priests who dedicate their time and talents to nourish us with daily Mass, the Eucharist, the Word, the Sacraments and fellowship. To be grateful for those who dedicate themselves to bringing strength, growth, encouragement, and new life to our community garden of such varied flowers;  new buds, young buds, growing adolescents, adults and some slowly retiring flowers.  These all needing the water and nourishment of grace, encouragement, prayer, knowledge , wisdom,  hugs and love.

I continue to supply water, nourishment (Miracle-Gro) and words of encouragement almost daily to my beloved flower garden…..I watch it becoming the beautiful colorful array of mature flowers hosting continuous new buds, showing off the different stages of blooming beauty.  I’m sure our God watches our St. Joseph’s community being nourished by Him through all of us who serve each other daily as well.

Aren’t we blessed?! Let us continue to be nourishing blessings to each other sharing our giftedness.

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