Mercy. Divine Mercy.

Mercy. Divine Mercy.

Mercy.  Divine Mercy.

St. Maria Faustina Kowalska (OLM) shares beautifully her experience and encounters with the Lord Jesus in her diary published as “Divine Mercy in My Soul”.  I have recently signed up for short daily portions of this work as a way to both bolster my prayer life as well as my study/reading life, even if it is in very short doses.  Each morning, I wake up to a new email with a message about the mercy of Christ and his desire to have a real palpable relationship with us.

This relatively new start to my day has begun to have an impact on the way that I view situations, people and even routine parts of my day.  I see people through a new lens: one that may have been previously annoying or upsetting; now I see them as people requiring the mercy of Jesus.  If I am able, I try to show that to them.  If I am not able, I try to offer a little prayer in my heart for them.  I am certain these actions/thoughts/prayers make a difference, if not only for them, but also for me.

I used to tell myself my morning was simply too busy for any formal prayer, but if you are able, I encourage you to find some Catholic daily email service, blog entry, or social media post that leads you closer to Jesus each morning.  It does not have to be on your device, but if you are on the go, I recommend it highly.   Jesus, I trust in you.

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